Dammusi Al-Qubba Wellness & Resort

Dammusi Al-Qubba Wellness & Resort

In Pantelleria: close to the airport by choice.

We have chosen for the Dammusi Al-qubba Wellness & Resort a location under the airport, ideal because-although close and therefore convenient to where you will land and share-is very quiet as outside the landing and takeoff routes of the planes.
So do not worry at all that this can disturb your tranquility, rather think that you will not lose any minute, your long-awaited holiday in Pantelleria, for travel on arrival and departure;)
Among the reviews that our guests have left on Tripadvisor, there are some that report this characteristic of peace recognized at our Resort and our Dammusi in Pantelleria.

Not just Scauri for sunsets. Not just Tracino for sunrise.

Dammusi Al-Qubba is one of the few places on the island of Pantelleria from which you can enjoy both striking sunsets and breathtaking sunrises in an alternation between day and night, unique and rare.
from any point of the Resort you can also admire, at the same time, the Sicilian coast and the Tunisian coast, ranging from Pantelleria over the sea, in the infinite.

Your holiday in Pantelleria starts here.

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