Dammusi Al-Qubba Wellness & Resort

Eco-sustainability and Design

Dammusi Al Qubba Resort & Wellness | Pantelleria ecosostenibile

Respect for the environment and traditions

The realization of Dammusi Al-Quabba Wellness & Resort has paid particular attention to the local and environmentally friendly materials, rrecovering in a philological way the existing buildings.
Dammusi Al-Qubba preserves the traditional Arabic architecture: quadrangular shape, made of dry lava stone, with whitewashed dome roof that originally channeled rainwater into a collecting tank. Even the beautiful floors of our Dammusi are the result of a painstaking recovery of an-cient tiles found on site, precious legacy of traditional local crafts.
Outdoor lighting is energy efficient and uses solar energy.

Design and attention to details

The mixture of the Arab culture – of which the island of Pantelleria is strongly permeated – with the refined aesthetic taste of the owners is appreciated in theinterior furnishings of bedrooms, functional but refined, and in the wonderful bathrooms: a riot of mosaics, color combinations, niches and domes, design elements.
At the same time you can appreciate features of the dammuso pantesco” to which today has been given a new functional destination: the “casena”(niche carved into the stone walls), “ducchena”(stone quay leaning against the walls) and pinnata(roof with beams in wood and canes cover).

Pantelleria gardens

The other typical construction, in addition to the dammusi, are the Pantelleria gardens, necessary for the plants safeguard.
In 30,000 square meters of greenery where the Dammusi Al-Qubba are laid, you will discover the usefulness of Pantelleria garden as an ideal microclimate for the life of plants in an otherwise particularly dry and windy environment.
Man’s ability to understand, adapt and respect the climate and the environment that sur-rounds him, is also represented by dry lava stone walls, of variable height and often circular shape, erected to protect plants from winds that blow on the island and at the same time with the aim of retaining the night moisture to counteract the daytime drought.

Dammusi and Pantelleria gardens symbolize the deep link between Pantelleria and the nature that has welcomed them for centuries.
Spending your holiday in Pantelleria in the Dammusi Al-Qubba we want to give you the chance to experience all this.